Aerospace Product Liability Insurance Coverage

The concept of Aviation Product Liability is relatively simple.  All parties in the chain of commerce are held liable for bodily injury or property damage caused by the commercial product.  In the event of a lawsuit, the plaintiffs' counsel will identify the entire supply chain including the manufacturer.  As a defendant, you will need to retain counsel with an aviation specialty. An aviation product liability insurance policy will help you avoid catastrophic expenses. 

In aviation/aerospace the stakes are greater and especially for catastrophic losses.


The core areas which risk arise from are:

  • Failure to Warn:

    • The manufacturer must provide clear and concise written instructions and warnings on how to use the product.  If the product is misused and the instructions are shown to lack instructions on how not to use the product, this would be considered a product defect.

  • Manufacturing Defect:

    • A manufacturing defect can easily be an unforeseen.  For example, a certain type of metal is purchased from a supplier and is used to manufacture an aircraft component.  If the manufacturer of the component did not test for the grade of the steel as represent by the supplier, the manufacturer will be held liable and negligent should there be an incident which results in a lawsuit.

  • Design Defect:

    • A design defect makes the product dangerous or useless, even if the best materials are used.

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