Aviation General Liability vs. General Liability

The main difference between Aviation General Liability (AGL) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) is that the aviation policy form is specifically worded to provide coverage for aviation/aerospace industry.  However, the CGL language has specific exclusions concerning any business activities which relate or which are directly connected to aviation/aerospace.

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Our Aviation General Liability Insurance Programs offer coverage to the following (contact us if your business is not listed):

Airport/Airline Services

  • Airport Wheel Chair Services

  • Airport Janitorial

  • Airport Baggage Handling

  • Airport Security

  • Airline Lavatory Services

  • Airline Marshaling

  • Aircraft or Aviation Freight Handlers

  • Aircraft Washing

Aircraft Maintenance​​

  • AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Maintenance

  • Ground Services Equipment (GSE) Maintenance

  • Avionics Repair and Service

  • Aircraft Painting

  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facilities

Aircraft Component Manufacturing

  • Critical and Non-Critical Aircraft Components

  • Satellite Components

  • Avionics/Flight Instruments

  • Ground Service Equipment

How to obtain an Aviation General Liability Insurance  quote:

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